Time Management with a 9-5 + running a small business

Most of you know that I juggle a lot. I have a full-time design job at Feed My Starving Children, run White Loft Creative and just launched Backgate Prayers, a new product/business venture that I design custom orders for. Not to mention I have a family, a new fiancé which means a wedding to plan (!!!), a dog to take care of, friends, house chores and grocery shopping.



so how does it all happen?


Honestly, I wonder sometimes! With a creative mind that can be all over the place at times, I find I need structure and organization in my life to thrive. So, having a very structured weekly schedule helps me stay on task and accomplish everything I need to, even with a 9-5. Here's what that looks like:


I design any Backgate Prayers orders on my 30 min lunch break during the day - luckily each one only takes about 5 mins. I also manage the Backgate Prayers social media accounts, so I sneak that in as well along with any posting I need to do on my personal accounts. Or, I spend that time answering client emails.

And, this is how I use my time to stay productive after my day at Feed My Starving Children ends:

Monday: Stop at Trader Joes to get groceries for the week, go to the gym which is just a few blocks from Trader Joes. This is key because driving all around town is wasting precious time ;) Then I head home to walk Rufous, make dinner and then I design for my White Loft clients until about 9:30/10.

Tuesday: Head to the gym right after work, get home to walk the pup and make dinner (bonus if I have enough time/food to make extra for lunches during the week) and start on White Loft work until 9:30/10.

Wednesday: I take a break from White Loft work to do wedding planning (Adam and I call this Wedding Wednesday - #nerds). Sometimes we check out a fun restaurant or coffee shop since typically Wednesday was our date night.

Thursday: Reserved for client meetings or friend catch-ups. If I don't have either, I try to sneak in some laundry and cleaning after tending to the pup and cooking some dinner. Sometimes I send some emails or even write a blog, like I am right now!

Friday: I hit the town with friends or stay in with Adam and watch a movie.

Weekends: I try to create Instagram content which is a creative outlet I really enjoy. If I do any work, it's just designing, not emailing clients. I don't want to create the expectation that I can work on weekends. For the most part, I do minimal to no work. It's so important to have time to rest and enjoy time away so that I don't get burnt out. Creative minds need time to re-charge so that those creative juices can flow!


So, I do a ton of designing and it feels non-stop sometimes. BUT I LOVE IT. I spend 4 days working really hard and then try to have 3 days where I relax, spend time with family and friends and let my mind rest. It's all about finding a balance that works for you.



Any questions about time management? Leave them in the comments!