The Studio

For my first blog, I thought I'd share my studio workspace because it's such a large part of my brand. It's where the name White Loft Creative came from!

I wanted the name of my company to have significance to the place of it's origin and to pay homage to where this journey began. So, someday I will look back fondly on its humble beginnings - this little light filled space.


The room itself inspired the name. It's a loft-like space in my one-and-a-half story home. The slope of the roof creates this awesome character that I just love. This is where the concept for the shape of my logo came from as well as the "loft" in White Loft Creative.


If you know me, you know that white space is my jam. I always say that I'm about whitespace, clean lines and simplicity. I love designing with a lot of white space. I love how it lets the design speak for itself and gives your eye rest. There is a beautiful simplicity about it. I thought my business name should speak to my design principles as well, hence the "white" in White Loft Creative.


With the name decided on, I wanted to create an airy place that sparked my creativity. But I also wanted it to feel professional since I'm running this business out of my home.


Ikea, West Elm & Target were my go-tos for decor. 


When you're starting your own business, you're on a budget!
Desk (tabletop + set of legs), Lamp, Media Organizers/Storage Boxes, Faux Wool


West Elm
For a few professional touches.
Chair Pillow, Candles, Plant Holders, Gold Patterned Glasses (which I use for pens)


For the essentials.
Gold Scissors, Stapler, Pens


Beautiful photos by Claire Catherine