New Year, New Goals | 2018


White Loft Creative Goals for 2018

Focus on business growth and refinement
In year's past I've flown by the seat of my pants a bit. This year, I'm working for my business not just in it.

Post more of my design work on my Instagram page 
A huge majority of my clients find me from my Instagram page. So, If I want to continue to gain more business from this platform, people should be able to see my work within my top 6 posts.

Think about pricing structure

I'm not very good an steadily increasing my pricing or re-thinking the structure. Time to do that!

Complete a Services + Pricing Guide PDF

This would be a huge improvement to the emails I type up about my services and much more professional than telling people to go back to my website to find this info.

Continue to blog regularly
Woo hoo! Doing that at this moment!

Update my online portfolio
We can always be better at this, am I right designers? It's a constant struggle to keep it updated!

Get Quickbooks
I currently track my income manually on an excel document. Time to move to a platform built for small business accounting :)

Get taxes done professionally!
Taxes stress me out SO MUCH. 


Share your goals in the comments!

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