Logo Design: Summit & Hill


When Nicole and I met, we just got each other. Our vision for design and style instantly clicked. Not to mention the company she was creating, Summit & Hill, was one that I resonated with and could totally get behind!

Summit & Hill's mission is to foster generosity and provide a way for busy, on-the-go folks to give perfectly thoughtful gifts to their loved ones without spending hours and hours to do so - "hands-free generosity". Sounds amazing - right?!

For the logo design, we wanted to mix fluidity with geometric shapes to create something modern, cool and creative to attract the hustling, bustling audience. Here's where we went with the mood board:


For the initial concepts, I created a "summit" and "hill" with two joined triangles as well as a custom illustrated ampersand. I loved the simplicity and clarity of the first two concepts, but also wanted to explore a unique ampersand option. 

Moving forward, we combined the geometric, clean lines with fluidity of the ampersand.


We loved the combo, but thought it needed to be bolder. So, I thickened all the elements and created the thick and thin characteristics to the ampersand. Finally, we added the perfect tagline to polish it off!